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Helpful Tips For Bosses-- First In A Series

You spend all that time obsessing about security-- background checks, drug tests, credit checks, buildings full of cameras, and then yet more background checks-- because you yourselves are thieves. Professionals, at that. It's all there is to you inside and thus it's all you can see outside, in the rest of us. No matter how many times the tests come back negative, you can't actually believe in them. After all, everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Since you constantly get away with truly Olympian levels of dishonesty, it must mean that the rest of us get away with it, too-- Actual evidence be damned.

Paradoxically, this makes you a person who thoroughly deserves to be robbed. You degrade and humiliate us, your subordinates, daily, as a matter of course. You sow backbiting, self-hatred and almost debilitating levels of anxiety in us and frequently this renders us unable to actually do the jobs you have outlined.

From a practical standpoint, you are likely spending far more on your insane levels of security than you could possibly lose from the occasional low-level thief. So this can't just be about money. No, I think it's primarily about you getting off on being the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful shitheel.

I could point out that I was never at any time in my life convicted of a petty crime, but even that misses the point. Even some schmuck who rifled through a convenience store till once five years ago to feed his crack/meth habit and did time for it deserves better now than your relentless, smug bullying and your thousand buckets of sugar-coated bullshit.

You are a waste of space. You are repulsive excuses for human beings and the world would be an infinitely better place without you.
"When the going gets dark..."

The Spirit of '99

"I went & sold my soul so I could pay my rent.
I waited by the mail, but the check was never sent.
So I called the Devil up, but I just got his machine.
I left an angry message, said I gotta have the green!
I didn't give up then, but I made another plan:
If Satan didn't want my soul I'd sell it to the man.
I tried to find the number, but it wasn't in the book.
I'd get the money anyhow, no matter what it took--
No matter what it took...
No paragon of virtue, at least I'm not a thief--
It's so easily justified but always leads to grief.
So I got a piece of cardboard & I made myself a sign.
To sell my soul below the market rate was my design.
I went down on the street & I tried to make the deal.
A Land Rover drove right by with Satan at the wheel.
He saw what I was doing & said, "That's not yours to sell!
You'll get the check tomorrow & I'll see your ass in Hell
So you'd better spend it well..."

-- "A Fable With No Moral" by Sam Coomes (Quasi), from 1999's Field Studies
"When the going gets dark..."

Drip, Drip, Drip

Two months after my layoff, the State Government has finally seen fit to start doling out my $140 a week. Huzzah!

ATC "Auto" (ex)

My creative life continues to thrive (or at least get daily feeding), as my financial life continues to self-destruct drop by drop. Such a surprise, that correlation.


"...In what can only be described as a coming together of the Property Party to further fuck the humbled masses, a “deal” was forged to “save” us from a government shutdown. With an election season dawning on the horizon, the events of last week are a perfect example of the futility of voting for the “lesser evil” and the extent to which the Republicans and Democrats are representative of the same class interests. At no time was the budget argument about whether to cut or not, but rather how much to cut. Nor was it ever a discussion of who to cut from, the obvious choice had always been the poor, minorities, and women. This was, from the very beginning, a discussion about how much they could take from you and I – yet again..."

...I love you, fwoan.
"When the going gets dark..."

Recall This!

"...People voted with their feet in 2010 because of the refusal by Obama to deliver the “change” he had promised. They were angry that Obama and the Democrats essentially carried out the policies of Bush, bailing out Wall Street and the banks at the expense of Main Street. [See back articles in The Organizer newspaper on this question.]

In Wisconsin, the Democratic majority in the lame-duck session last December refused to pass a budget that recognized state workers’ full bargaining rights. The situation in Wisconsin would not be what it is today if key Democratic state legislators had not caved in to the blackmail of then Governor-elect Walker in the first place.

Collapse )

-- The Organizer, 3/18/11

The bolds are mine.

main link

A friendly, and welcome reminder here. "More and better Democrats" got us backed into this austerity shithole in the first place. If American Labor wants to be anything but a patsy for these clowns, the points in this article are exactly the kind of thing it should do a better job of recalling. [snerk] As often as possible.

Installing "more and better Democrats" only enriches the people who make their living off the pathetic joke that is two-party politics-- and a few high-paid suits in the mainstream Unions. It hasn't done squat to actually improve American Labor's lot. And it won't do squat this time, either.

Just saying.

Also, I wish I could be wittier for you today, but it's now been about two months since I was laid off, and the State can't seem to think of anything to do about it apart from dick me around non-stop. You'd be amazed at what that does to a person's sense of humor.
"When the going gets dark..."

Working Artists


"...There is a much longer conversation to have about what an effective strategy of working people and unions should look like but one thing is clear -- rank and file union members in Wisconsin are a million miles ahead of the bureaucrats who legally control their unions. Witness Marty Beil from AFSCME and Mary Bell from WEAC's unsolicited and unilateral grovel session at Scott Walker's feet, before which they of course did not bother to consult their respective memberships. Beil and Bell simultaneously insulted the collective intelligence of those union members, who at this point are certainly a very politically savvy group of public workers who would likely have recognized the strategic value of publicizing their willingness to accept increased pension and health care contributions. This ain't these public workers' first rodeo when it comes to scapegoating public workers in state budget debates. Although there is no valid financial reason for any state worker in Wisconsin to be accepting any concessions whatsoever, it is not for Marty Beil nor Mary Bell to decide -- that decision should be the singular domain of Wisconsin's teachers and public sector workers..."

-- Lucy Parsons (as posted by nicholas_lampert), from Realpolitik in the Wood Violet State, Justseeds: Artists Cooperative, 3/3/11.

Link via the same facebook page I mentioned on Monday.

In the name of all that's holy, read the whole damn thing!
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Make the Most of It

My first, last, and only ever link to anything regarding Facebook, no doubt.

General Strike In Wisconsin page.

(It's a shame there's nothing along those lines brewing here. Since I've got no job anyway, I could attend with no moral/monetary qualms. So long as my bad ankle didn't cause too many problems. And so long as I could borrow the bus fare from mr_xeno.)

Thanks to the usual suspects in the usual place.
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O Show Opinião

My Portuguese is nonexistent, and babelfish is worse than no help. Still, you can divine a couple of things here even as an Idjit American:

1) There was a military coup in Brazil on April 1st, 1964 ("Golpe de 64"), and this show was a response to it.

2) Brazil is where they make gods and goddesses.

Nara Leão (1942-1989)
Zé Keti aka José Flores de Jesus (1921-1999)
João do Vale (1934-1996)

That's all for today. Oh, wait. I lied. Al Schumann's back! (And you're gonna' be in trouble...)
"When the going gets dark..."

Hey, Mom! What's For Dinner?

[sings] flickr has the answer... [/sings] Sorry. Just a little East Coast flashback there. It'll pass.

[clears throat]

ATC "Casserole" (ex)

I'm back to posting my artwork, though probably not on a daily basis. The majority of my works previously posted to LJ have been relocated to flickr, at least for now. That's where you can look for any new stuff as well.

Thanks again to everyone who expressed interest in my work, made recommendations, inquiries, etc. Please stop over there often, as I hope to have lots of interesting stuff for you to see. Available items are helpfully tagged "unsold." Just pop me an email if you want more details.

Thanks for your time.

Also: Whatever you do, never gaze directly into the olives.